Thursday, March 23, 2017
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In 2008 Viva Magazine thought of the possibility to organize a Bachata Championship in Australia. The objective of this Bachata Championship was to found the couples that can best interpret the character of Bachata music and dance regardless of whatever tricks or moves they do.

In other words, it's not the tricks that were important but making them a part of their routine and what Bachata represents.

Since then, the Championships have growth to become together with the Sydney International Bachata Festival two of the most respectable and popular Bachata events in Australia.

Through the years, the Championships have witness some of the best Bachata dancers in the country competing and contributing to the development and growth of Bachata dancing in Australia.

After some Pre Selection Heats during the month of October, we finally come to the 1st Australian Bachata Championship’s Grand Final on the 25th October 2008. This competition was open to non-professional dancers and we had 5 finalists’ couples competing.

Our Finalists

Rajesh & Audrey / Jeremy Roach & Lucy Cook / Mitch Bilic & Natalie Kyan / Marzio Cecchetto & Lily Harrington / Gerard Bragg & Cristina Perez 

2008 Bachata Champions

  Mitch Bilic & Natalie Kyan